Hey there!

My name is Kristin Ulmer, and I’m the Founder & CEO of LNO Studio. Since our brand is new to fashion world, I wanted to share our story!

LNO Studio is here to serve women of all shapes, sizes and stature. LNO stands for “Like No Other”. At the end of the day, we are all unique individuals and there’s nobody just like us.

For too long the fashion industry has approached sizing the same old way and excluded individuals from participating. As a petite and curvy woman, I’ve seen and experienced this exclusion first hand. Not going to lie, I love fashion, but hate going shopping.

At LNO Studio our goal is to empower women to love themselves as they are and encourage them to express their unique personal style. We do this by making high-quality custom clothes that are tailored to your shape, size and stature because no one is just like you.

Hope you will join us in changing the industry!


All the best,

Kristin Ulmer