Raise your hand if you actually like shopping for dress or work pants? If you’re like us, we have a feeling your hand is still hanging by your side rather than waving around enthusiastically in the air. We promise, it’s not just you - so many women feel this way. 

So we’re here to share some tips with you about how to find pants that fit you well.  

Before you go shopping, we recommend doing your homework!


1. Know your own body measurements - One of the best things, we can recommend for finding great pants that fit is knowing your own body measurements. Taking your own measurements is simple and easy to do at home. All you need is a paper or flexible measuring tape and friend to help you out. The most important measurements for determining how pants will fit you are your: natural waist, wearing waist, hip, thigh, total rise, calf, ankle circumference and inseam. You can check out our guide on how to take your own measurements here. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with us to help you with taking your measurements, you can set one up now.

2. Know your body type - If you understand your own body shape it makes it easier to find pants that will fit your body type. For example, if you’re pear shaped you might often find that pants are too big for you in the waist, but fit your thigh and bum area properly. Knowing the potential issues that might arise when you go shopping make it easier to find styles that will work. Then you can seek out brands that are cut for your body type. Want to know what your body type is? Take our body type quiz to find out.


3. Know your preferred pant length - You can determine this by either using your inseam measurement that you found by taking your own body measurements or you can measure a pair of pants that fit you well. So you might be wondering how do you take the inseam measurement? All you need is a measuring tape and a flat surface! First, lay your pants out on a flat surface. Place one end of the measuring tape below the rise seam where the pant legs are sewn together. Next, continue following the inside seam of the pant leg with the measuring tape until you reach the bottom hem. Finally, take note of where the measuring tape hits the bottom hem of the pants.

4. Know if you need a curvy fit -  In recent years, brands have begun offering curvy fit pants. Generally, curvy is defined as a woman with a waist to hip ratio less than 0.75 (Source: Fashion-Incubator). Now that you’ve taken your measurements above, you can calculate your own hip to waist ratio. For example, let’s say your waist measurement was 28’' and your hip measurement was 40’’.  Then your waist to hip ratio is 0.70. If you have a waist to hip ratio under 0.75, we recommend trying curvy fit pants.


NOW you’re ready to go shopping! 

If you’re ordering online, use the size charts to help you. Just knowing your waist, bust and hip measurement alone can make it much easier to figure out what size you shoulder order (especially since all brands don’t fit the same). Also we recommend google searching for fashion blogs that have reviewed the item. 

If you’re shopping in the store, I’d recommend going somewhere that carries multiple brands so you can try on as many options as possible.

Here’s a list of questions to ask yourself as you’re trying on pants at the store or at home (if you ordered online).

  • Does the waist fit properly? Do the pants stay up without having to wear a belt? Do they feel comfortable?

  • Is the crotch of the pants sitting in the right place? Often if the pants are too big for you in the waist, the crotch area will sag down too low. On the flip side, if they are too tight it might feel like the pants are riding up.

  • Are the pants comfortable around your hips? Do they feel tight? Are you able to sit down and stay sitting for a multiple hours?

  • Are their any drag lines? Often times there are drag lines around the knees, when the pants are too tight around your knees and calves. (You can see their are slight drag lines on these pants above.)

  • Do you like the length? Are you planning to wear the pants with heels or flats? If you are planning to wear them with heels, it’s ok if they are longer. If you wear them with flats then length depends more on the style. 


However, if you’re TIRED of going through the same old process of trying on clothes and looking a better way to shop, then we invite you to become a member of our beta-testing program here.