Ever find yourself searching endlessly for pants, but never seem to find any that fit?

It’s no secret that finding dress or work pants that *actually* fit is a struggle. Rather than give up and settle for mediocre fit and quality, we’re here to say that there’s a better solution. 

Say good bye to waist gaps.

Say good bye to pants that are too long or too short.

Say good bye to pants that are too tight in the seat and thighs.

And say hello to custom made pants that are tailored to your measurements.

Here are four reasons we think you should give custom made clothing a try:

You’re Not Average

The fashion industry has long used the same old approach to sizing, which doesn’t take into account your individuality and uniqueness. They attempt to fit you by just using the average. However, you are not average. So why should your clothes be?

When pants are custom made to your size, shape and stature, you feel more confident because they make you look and feel your best. More importantly, you feel more comfortable because we aren’t constantly fidgeting and adjusting our clothes due to poor fit. It allows you to focus on living your life, rather than being consumed by something you shouldn’t have to waste your energy on.

Self Expression

Another benefit of custom made clothing is the chance to express your own unique personal style. You’ll be able to personalize elements of your garment to make it one of a kind - just like you. Once you receive your custom made garment, we can’t wait to see how you’ll style it. Dress it up for a polished, office-ready look or dress it down for a weekend brunch with friends. 

Quality Over Quantity

Consider custom made clothing an investment in your wardrobe. Rather than spending $50 bucks here and $30 bucks there on pants that have a less than ideal fit and wear out quickly, we believe in having a piece you love that you’ll want to wear again and again. We use high-quality materials so your garment will last for years to come. 

You Deserve Better

The current retail shopping experience for women is less than ideal and you deserve better. It usually involves tons of hours reading product reviews online and trying on tons of different styles. You’ve got a busy schedule and don’t have time for that process. Custom made clothing removes the guesswork and guarantees you’ll find your perfect fit. We’ll keep all your details on file so that you can order quickly and easily again in the future.